Survivor-1 Configure Your Own

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Customize Your Survivor-1 Backpack

Survivor-1 combines all the features of a traditional everyday backpack with ballistic protection to keep you safe wherever you go. Customize your backpack to your needs! Choose the level of ballistic protection, armor profile, and accessories you desire.

We invite law enforcement, government and private security agencies to contact us directly for volume pricing or special tactical applications.



Notes on Ballistic Protection: 

While we offer two sizes of front armor plates (both of which provide excellent coverage), we recommend the 11”×14” size because it fills the plate carrier completely and gives maximum protection. Both soft and hard armor are comfortable to wear. All hard body armor is single or “comfort curved.” 

  • For users mounting tactical products to the forward-facing plate carrier, a hard armor plate (IIIA Hard or III+ PE) size 11×14 is recommended.
  • For users who desire ballistic protection, but do not intend to carry multiple firearms or weapons payloads, soft armor plates are a good choice.

Included Accessories: 

One Primary Accessory and One Secondary Accessory offered below are included. For other needs like medical IFAK supplies and magazine management, visit the Accessories Section to add this to your order. 

Contact a Ballistipax Support Specialist for international orders.


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