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Tactical Ballistic Armored Backpack

Building your Survivor-1

Every Survivor-1™ is customized by you. Our mission has always been about supporting the mission of our customers, and that begins with simply asking the right questions to deliver the right solution.

The process is simple. Follow the steps below to build your perfect Survivor-1. You start with the level of ballistic protection, armor profile, and even color-matched accessories. All of these choices are designed to make every Survivor-1 uniquely yours. This is an industry first, and why we feel Ballistipax delivers exactly what you need.

For detailed product specifications, or a broader list of capabilities, please click on the buttons below to download the Survivor Spec-Sheet and Product Brochure.  LEO, Government, and Private Security Agencies should contact us directly for volume pricing or special tactical applications using the button below. All other customers should use the Survivor-1 Product Builder below. Typically, orders are shipped within 2 business days or less.



Ballistic Protection: For users primarily mounting tactical products to the forward-facing plate carrier, a hard armor plate (3A Hard or 3+ PE) size 11×14 is recommended. We also offer hard armor in 10×12, but recommend 11×14. Soft armor plates are a good choice for those individuals who desire protection, but do not intend to carry multiple firearms, or weapons payloads. Both soft and hard armor are comfortable to wear. All hard body armor is single or “comfort curved”.

The Chosen Level of Ballistic Armor is the Only Option That Effects Cost: All accessory choices, armor style choices, colors, etc. are included. We believe in simple pricing, that is easy to understand so we have adopted a simple pricing strategy with multiple options you can choose from.

Front Armor Plate: We offer two sizes of front armor plates – both of which provide excellent coverage. The 11×14 is recommended to fill the plate carrier completely and provide maximum protection. All Ballistipax products are designed to perform their best using 11×14 armor, but will also perform well with 10×12 in many cases. 

Accessories: We offer a selection of purpose built and matching accessories to further customize your Survivor-1. Please choose what best fits your intended use. The Survivor-1 comes with One Primary Accessory Choice and One Secondary Accessory Choice (on this page). For other needs like medical IFAK supplies and magazine management, check out our Accessories Section.



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