Survivor-1 Pro

$1,168.00 $964.00

Exclusive Offer – Limited Time Pricing 

Survivor-1 PRO features a rugged military-grade backpack with two NIJ Level III+ 11×14 hard ballistic plates made of laminated Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for high threat environments. When deployed, Survivor-1 provides full torso protection to combat ballistic threats involving up to six strikes from rifle ammunition (7.62 x 51/.308) and access to tactical gear mounted to the forward-facing plate carrier. Fully tested and compliant with NIJ standards, Survivor-1 is constructed of MILSPEC 1000D coated nylon for long-lasting performance and MOLLE/PALS attachment system for accessories. By combining the features of a traditional backpack with discreet ballistic protection, Survivor-1 provides peace of mind for protection from life-threatening situations wherever you go.


  • Backpack in choice of black, gray or blue
  • 11”x14” NIJ Level III+ hard front and back armor plates. Back plate: rectangular. Front plate: Shooter’s Cut
  • Discreet design allowing users to keep an extremely low profile in all configurations
  • 2 IFAK Accessory Pouches, 1 SecureFit Holster, Waist Retention Bands

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