Secure Fit Holster


The Secure Fit (SF) Series Holster Model-1 is purpose built and designed for use with the Survivor-1 ballistic backpack. The holster’s extremely low profile allows clean unobstructed movement in and out of the plate carrier compartment. This enables reliable plate carrier deployment for concealed carry users and armed professionals alike.

The Level 2 thumb-brake system ensures firearms are secure while stowed (inverted) and rapidly accessible once the ballistic plate has been deployed. In addition, the SF Holster comes with a user-defined friction retention system to keep the re-holstered weapon securely in position without the use of the thumb brake. This allows for a quick transition between multiple weapons or weapon platforms while in motion or in the dark.

For the best fit, users can choose to MOLLE-mount the SF Holster vertically, horizontally, or at a 60° angle with Blade-Tech’s MOLLE-Lok Attachment hardware. Strong construction and durable hardware ensure your SF Holster will be right where you need it.

The SF Holster Model-1 supports the following Glock frames:

9mm: G26 | G34 | G45 | G19 | G19X | G17 | G17L
40 S&W: G27 | G23 | G35 | G22 | G24
357 Sig: G33 | G32 | G31

If your firearm is not listed, Ballistipax is able to custom fabricate the SF Holster to fit your pistol or revolver for a nominal charge. Call or email for details.



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