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Who is the USCCA?

The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is the nation’s fastest-growing organization dedicated to educating, training, and providing legal protection for responsibly armed Americans. Founded in 2003, the USCCA exists solely to serve and support more than 500,000 members who have the commitment and courage to be their families’ first lines of defense. The USCCA was built by and for real people who believe in something bigger than the right to bear arms.

What does the USCCA Offer?

  • Education – Access lifesaving education to prepare yourself for the unthinkable. Develop situational awareness skills, sharpen your defensive mindset and understand laws that govern your rights.
  • Training – Train on the range or from the comfort of your own home with self-defense and firearm experts. Through masterfully crafted curriculum and videos, you can train for success.
  • Legal Protection – With the most comprehensive self-defense legal protection available, you can rest easy knowing the USCCA will have your back if you ever have to stop a threat with lethal force.
  • Community – Being a member of the USCCA gives you the opportunity to meet and network with other members, trainers, and industry professionals.

*All memberships, products, giveaways, and promotions shown here are managed and regulated by the USCCA. Please contact the USCCA regarding any questions, payments, or issues. (800-674-9779)