Ballistipax Survivor-1 Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Ballistipax Survivor-1:

Q: Is the Survivor-1 available to the general public?

A: Yes, the Survivor-1 backpack and all accessories are available for purchase by the general public. Although primarily designed for the Armed Professional Community, we do not intend to restrict its sale. We feel this is one of the biggest misconceptions currently within the marketplace.  The only restriction is an exclusive package (ASR) that includes a purpose-built weapons platform that will only be available to Law Enforcement, Credentialed Security or Governmental Agencies. We will be releasing additional products soon that will be designed specifically for children and families. Our goal is to protect everyone, not restrict protection.

Q: Why is the Active Shooter Response (“ASR”) two-piece carbine configuration restricted to Law Enforcement, Credentialed Security, and Governmental Organizations?

A: The ASR and related mounting system provide the ability to conceal a two-piece carbine, Ballistipax does not want to facilitate malevolent and criminal usage and has made the ethical and responsible decision to restrict the availability of the ASR configuration accordingly. Please contact [email protected] for specific questions regarding this. More will be available on our website very soon.

Q: What are the capabilities of the Survivor-1?

A: Survivor-1 is designed to provide defensive and offensive capabilities for the unexpected threat. It is purposely designed to be a fully functional utility backpack with the additional benefit of providing rapid, ambidextrous, single-handed deployment of an armor plate carrier to provide ballistic protection from the front and back. The front plate carrier incorporates MOLLE webbing to allow mounting of numerous holsters and accessories available on our website. A more comprehensive list of capabilities will be available soon.

Q: What comes with the basic Survivor-1 backpack?

A: The basic Survivor-1 consists of the physical backpack with an integrated armor pocket and a deployable secondary plate carrier for frontal coverage. We include adjustable arm straps and 4 internal adjustment points to achieve optimal placement. The base configuration has two Level 3A soft panels, and the option to add accessories. You may also customize the ballistic armor protection level, shape, and plate cut to your specific preference or mission-specific needs. By design, each Survivor-1 is user configured when purchased and not a “shelf item”.

Q: Will my armor plates fit into Survivor-1?

A: As noted, the basic Survivor-1 backpack consists of the backpack and (at a minimum) of two Level 3A soft panels. The front/plate carrier and rear/backpack compartment will accommodate up to 11” wide x 14” tall x 1 ¼” thick flat, single-curve, multi-curve, rectangular, SAPI, and shooter’s cut plates. So, if you have standard sized body armor, it should be compatible.

Q: Does the Survivor-1 backpack have room for a laptop and other personal items?

A: YES! The Survivor-1 backpack is a fully-functional utility backpack with a large, padded, compartment that will accommodate a large 15” laptop in addition to other multi-size compartments for personal items. Additionally, the sides have removable Velcro accessory attachments points for water bottles, individual first aid kits (IFAKs), etc.

Q: Is the Ballistipax label/patch removable?

A: Yes, the Velcro “Ballistipax” label/patch is removable and the underlying Velcro can be left exposed or replaced with a patch of the user’s preference.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Pricing is based on the user’s needs. The Survivor-1 and its family of accessories are intentionally designed to be a modular, user configurable, platform. Therefore, the individual unit price is dependent on the user’s preference of body armor and any additional accessories.